Thursday, August 8, 2019

First glimpse of Equip&Dine Asia and SEAsia Café Expo 2019

Equip&Dine Asia and SEAsia Café Expo 2019 are two events delivering the latest food & beverage concepts for restaurant and café operations. Earlier in August, media representatives were treated to enticing food and a background of these culinary exhibitions happening at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore from August 27 and 28. 

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

PET recycling

Not all recycled plastics are applicable to the F&B industry. It takes the proper equipment and processes to ensure plastics, PET in particular, are converted to food-grade standard packaging. During an interview with Ted Kao, Chang Woen Marketing Manager, and Henry Swaters Senior Manager for Recycling Division at Indorama, we learned a few more facts.

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Interview with Chang Woen and Indorama 

Recycled PET used to be applied in textiles, but they are increasingly used in F&B, thanks to technologies that elevate the safety of rPET. Mr Kao explains, "..since 2016, trends in rPET started shifting to food packaging. As total PET bottle collection increased, the share of blow moulding also grew over the years. Demand for rPET in food-grade packaging is expected to reach 2.85 million tonnes to 3 million tonnes by 2020. In fact, big brands have set their goals for using plastic in the circular economy. For example, Evian is looking to use recycled plastic for 100% of its plastic bottles by 2025. Coca Cola hopes to collect and recycle 100% of its bottles by 2030 while PepsiCo aims to recycle 75% of its packaging wastes by 2030."

Taiwan-based Chang Woen manufactures machinery for recycling plastic. It supplies Indorama in Thailand with equipment for food-grade recycled PET. Their partnership continues to flourish and serve leading F&B manufactures in the Asian region.

Read the full interview: 
Chang Woen sees rPET gaining traction in food packaging 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Have you visited our Showrooms?

Yes, we do have a lot of showrooms of suppliers and their products at

Here are a few that you will find on the site:

semi-automatic printer from New Leaf Enterprise

Label printing machines made in Taiwan
New Leaf Enterprise Co.,Ltd is an industry pioneer in label printing machines, and its products are manufactured in Taiwan. The company offers high speed coders, hand press printers, hot foil coders, and label dispensers. To know more about this company, go to

meat rolling machine from Kinn Shang Hoo

Food processing machines from Kinn Shang Hoo
From mixers to meat dryers, to grinders and slicers, Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works offers a wide range of food processing machines and equipment. The company has expanded its range of machinery, thanks to its strong R&D and years of experience, having been in the industry since 1953.

Shrink packaging
shrink films
Are you looking for a total solution for shrink packaging? This is the strength of Allen Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. From its facilities in Taiwan, the company manufactures PVC/PET/POF/PE shrink films, shrink tubing and shrink label, and high-speed sleeving machines. Get in touch with them today.

Shrink label printing and sleeving machines
shrink labels
When it comes to shrink label printing and sleeving machines, DASE-SING GROUP can provide expert packaging solutions, thanks to its strong R&D capability. It also carries out 16-color shrinkable label printing production. Know more about Dase-Sing at

Heat sealers for plastic bags and films
vertical band sealer
Since 1991, Wu-Hsing Electronics CO.,LTD has been specialising in heat sealers for plastic bags and films. The company has since released different types of vacuum sealers including out of chamber food vacuum sealers, in-chamber vacuum packing, horizontal and vertical band sealers, as well as nozzle-type vacuum sealers. In Taiwan, the company also sells hand wrappers and ultrasonic welders from Japan and portable sealers from Germany.

And if you want your company and products to be featured in our Showrooms, be sure to leave a note or comment here, or contact:

Ringier Trade Media Ltd.
Hong Kong, China headquarters
Tel:+852 2369-8788
Fax:+852 2869-5919
Unit 2305,23/F Nam Wo Hong Building,148 Wing Lok Street,Sheung Wan,Hong Kong SAR China

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ringier Events' F&B conference in Vietnam a success


Ringier Events' first conference in Vietnam -- Asia Manufacturing: Food, Beverages & Packaging Summit was a huge success! Held from 7-8 May 2019 at the Pullman Saigon Center, the conference attracted some 180 delegates mostly from Asia.

Check out this link to know what took place during the two-day event!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

See you at the ASIA Manufacturing: Food, Beverages & Packaging Summit 2019

From 7-8 May 2019, Ringier Events will hold the ASIA Manufacturing: Food, Beverages & Packaging Summit  at the Pullman Saigon Centre in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This information-packed conference aims to introduce relevant information to local manufacturers as they upgrade to newer products and technologies, and expand their business network. The conference has lined up timely topics on packaging, food ingredients, and processing.

Asia Manufacturing: Food, Beverages and Packaging is supported by the Viet Nam Association of Liquor, Beer and Beverage, Vietnam Packaging Association (VINPAS),  Food and Foodstuff Association of Ho Chi Minh City, and the Hong Kong Food Professionals Association.

Top from left: Carmen Man Ka Mun, Teri Teo, and Thien Trung Le; Bottom from left: Lai-Ying Fong, Irenelle Medalla, Sam Go, and Peter Thoeysen

Mr Sam Gao is co-founder and senior analyst of Topguide Advisory Shanghai. He is also senior consultant to Dong Feng Capital (VC and PE), both investing in the food industry globally.

Dr Thien Trung Le is CEO of Nong Lam Food, a manufacturer of healthy food in Vietnam. He is also a lecturer and the head of the Department of Food Engineering at Nong Lam University with extensive knowledge of Novel Technologies for Food Processing (Membrane separation, Microwave processing, Irradiation), Extraction of bioactive components, functional foods and more.

Ms Carmen Man Ka Mun is chairperson at Hong Kong Food Professionals Association; technical expert (Food Category) for Hong Kong Q-Mark Council; lecturer at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Vocational Training Council, and IRCA certified FSMS Auditor. She is also chairperson of the Hong Kong Food Hygiene And Administrator Association.

Irenelle Medalla is QA and R&D supervisor (Pioneer R&D) at Dairy Technologies Corporation

As R&D expert, she is responsible for the entire production chain, from setting up specifications for raw materials, finished product specifications, process flow, manufacturing procedure and material specifications. Ms Medalla is knowledgeable in developing affordable and premium processed cheeses with highest possible gross margin. Especially that last quality makes her the so much sought professional.

Mr Teri Teo has been working in the plastics industry for more than 20 years specialises in eco-product applications and market development in Asia Pacific. Mr Teo is also the founder of Learth (S) Pte Ltd and PS Food and Beverage (S) Pte Ltd. He is also in committee member of Packaging of Singapore and committee member of Food & Beverage group in Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

Mr Peter Thoeysen is Commercial Director for Bioprotection of Chr. Hansen, and will speak on the company’s bioprotection solutions. He has a M.Sc. in Business Administration and Marketing and over nine years of experience within sales and marketing at Danfoss and Chr. Hansen.

Asia Manufacturing: Food, Beverages and Packaging is supported by the Viet Nam Association of Liquor, Beer and Beverage, Vietnam Packaging Association (VINPAS),  Food and Foodstuff Association of Ho Chi Minh City, and the Hong Kong Food Professionals Association. 

The sponsors for this event are Chang Woen Machinery, Dase-Sing Group, Hantech Bio-Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai Precise Packaging Co., Ever Polymer Co Ltd, Guangzhou Juhang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Fander Mechanical And Electrical Co. Ltd, Guangdong High Dream Intellectualized Machinery Co.,Ltd, Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works, Gen Asia Biotech Co., Ltd, and Printpack Inc.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

The March 2019 issue of FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal is out!

Here are some of the features you will find in the latest issue of FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal.

Highly in demand these days, natural functional ingredients are finding their way into sports nutrition products, supplements, and many food and beverages that want a better health appeal. In all these sectors, the ancient medicinal herb, ashwagandha is gaining popularity.

Biscuits made with ashwagandha (Photo: Dreamstime)

An interview with Mark Johnston, Chr. Hansen's Country Manager, ASEAN, South Korea & Japan on the company's natural shelf life extenders and how these are on trend with consumers' need for safer ways to protect food such as yogurts and processed foods.

Extend yogurt shelf life (Photo: Dreamstime)

Indeed bacon is an indulgence that is great on its own. But why stop at pan-fried? Many customers are now savouring Malaysian company Five & Two Foods' candied bacon and bacon jams.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

ProPak Philippines Jan 24-26, 2019

Sights and sounds at ProPak Philippines 2019, a video prepared by the staff of FoodPacific Manufacturing Journal.

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